Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
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Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Regarding the displayed data

1. Types of data displayed

Trends in COVID-19 occurrence, etc.

2. Data sources and aggregation methods

  1. (1)Demographic data are based on two resources: information released daily from official governmental websites (prefectures, government-designated cities, and core cities); and HER-SYS. The data is called database for demographic characteristics of cases.
  2. (2)Daily information regarding the testing and medical care provision situations published by prefectures (cumulative database of published data, by prefecture)
  3. (3)Information regarding cluster events (e.g., outbreaks), obtained from the media or other sources.

3. Regarding the minimum number of cases required for publicly displayed data

For sex and age indicators, as a rule, "*" is displayed only for the category “1 to 4 cases”, for reasons of protecting patient information.
However, in situations where the number of cases indicated with "*" could be identified from other data presented, "*" is also used for categories other than “1 to 4 cases.”

4. Other remarks

  1. (1)Some jurisdictions do not publish the (cumulative) number of severe cases or deaths by gender and age due to the small number of cases.
  2. (2)As the total number of confirmed cases nationwide includes the 149 cruise ship-related cases, this total does not equal the sum of the confirmed cases by prefecture.
  3. (3)A figure in selected jurisdiction is currently under preparation, as some jurisdiction use their own format to collect severe cases stratified by gender and age group.
  4. (4)Some text has been translated by DeepL.